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JAWA is one of the most famous motorcycle production companies in the world. JAWA motorcycles has been produced since 1929. The company JAWA was established by František Janeèek in 1929 in Prague, Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia. Historically Jawa motorbikes has been very active and succesful in racing. In track racing Jawa sustained a presence in the World Championship until the mid-sixties with respectable performances. In Motocross the firm built an impressive palmares before its 4-stroke engines became superseded by 2-stroke engines. In Speedway racing, Dirt-track racing and Ice racing where 4-stroke engines were still at an advantage, Jawa remained a dominant force, scoring a number of victories that's still unbeaten today. Jawa Speedway racing motorcycles are now a separate company.




Year 1929 - The first model was introduced on October 23, 1929. This was a 500 cc 4-cycle engine JAWA 500 OHV with 12 kW of power (18 hp) and fuel consumption of 6 liters per 100 km. Although priced highly this motorcycle was very successful and was considered reliable.


* JAWA 500 OHV


Year 1931 - Origin of JAWA ‘Oval’ logo.


Year 1932 - Due to the economic recession of the early 1930 a cheaper and simpler motorcycle was needed. In 1932 Jawa 175 was introduced, with its 3.6 kW engine. This light (70 kg) machine was capable of speeds up to 80 km/h and fuel consumption of 3.5 liters per 100 km. The first year of production was an immediate success, selling over 3000 of the Jawa 175, almost three times the number of the 500 cc model over three years of production. The production of this model was finally stopped in 1946.


* JAWA 175


Year 1934 - First Jawa car (Jawa auto) was introduced, the Jawa 700. Also start of production of new Jawa 350 SV motorcycle.



 * JAWA 700 


Year 1935 - JAWa started to produce 2 new models of motorcycles, JAWA 350 OHV and JAWA 250 Special




Year 1937 - the next car model was introduced, modified Jawa 600 Minor. Production continued in limited numbers throughout WWII, and some were assembled in the immediate postwar period, but the production of cars was soon ceased due to economic and political situation in Europe. The factory also begins to produce Jawa 100 Robot motorcycle.

Year 1938 - Jawa was the first to offer motorcycle test rides during exhibition show. This test motorcycle was a custom Jawa 175 equipped with dual handlebars, second pair being in the back for the instructor.

Year 1939 - New product Jawa 250 Duplex motorcycle

Year 1946 - post war production of Jawa 250 and Jawa 350 motorcycles began. Jawa introduced a powerful 250cc two stroke with compact engine and dual exhausts, rare wheel suspentions and many other innovations. This motorcycle became a widespread utility motorcycle around the world.  A 350cc twin cylinder two stroke type of motorcycle was exported around the world and sold under numerous other brand names as well.                                                               


1946 new product Jawa 350 Ogar motorcycle

1952 new model Jawa 500 OHC motorcycle was introduced

* JAWA 500 OHC


1954 start of production of Jawa 250 and Jawa 350 motorcycle

1955 start of production of Jawa 50 Pionyr motorcycle

1958 start of production of Jawa 50 Jawetta moped

1964   1,000,000th motorcycle rolled off Jawa production line

1965 start of production of Jawa 350 Automatic motorcycle

1966 start of production of Jawa 350 Californian motocycle

1970 start of production of Jawa 250/350 UR motocycle

1970 start of production of Jawa 350 Bizon motorcycle

1974 start of production of Jawa 350/634

1976       2,000,000th Jawa motorcycle rolled off the production line

1984 start of production of Jawa 350/638

1987       3,000,000th Jawa motorcycle was produced

1994 start of production of Jawa 250 model 593

1998 start of production of Jawa 125 Travel motorcycles

2004 start of production of Jawa 650 Classic motorcycles

2005 start of production of Jawa 650 Style motorcycles

2006 start of production of Jawa 650 Dakar motorcycles

2008 start of production of Jawa 250 Travel motorcycles

Victories, Glory and Legends




Frantisek "Franta" Stastny             



Gustav Havel         



 Race  "1000 miles of Czechoslovakia"



JAWA 750  "1000miles"   



six days trials








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